Twitter Lets Rip Over Rio Olympics Green Slime-Coloured Pool

​The diving pool in Rio's Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre has mysteriously turned bright green and Twitter is loving it

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If you were frantically adjusting the lighting on your television screen yesterday or started to question whether you'd suddenly gone colour blind, don't worry – the colour of the pool during the women's 10-metre sychonised final in Rio was green.

Following Team GB's bronze win in the men's 10m synchronized final on Monday, the water at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre was blue – you know, the color you expect water to be? 

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But come Tuesday, the water was noticeably different – as in Cactus Jacks, Kermit The Frog, SMTV Live-gunge-coloured green kind of different. 

To make matters worse, organisers weren't sure what had caused the water to turn green but following a few tests, they assured the divers the water didn't pose any health risks – oh, because that's comforting to hear when you're about to dive head-first into what looks like a massive tank of toxic green-coloured liquid. 

Of course, Twitter jumped on the band wagon of #GreenPool-gate with hilarious effect.

Divers, we salute you.