Brazilian Hen Party Becomes Famous After Taking Over BBC Olympics Broadcast

​A group of Brazilian women infiltrated a live BBC broadcast of the Olympics much to viewers glee


You know the showbiz saying, 'Never work with children or animals'?

They might want to add 'Hen party' to the list, if Saturday night's Olympic coverage on BBC Four is anything to go by.

During the network's coverage, BBC presenter Dan Walker's broadcast was interrupted by a hilarious group of rowdy Brazilian women celebrating a hen party. 


The rule during broadcasting would usually be for a presenter to a) ignore bystanders or b) ask them to leave but Walker took a novel approach, inviting the bride-to-be over to the camera for an interview. 

'This could be interesting,' says Walker before the 'hen' (Maria), sits beside him and starts to chat about her up-coming wedding.

After telling viewers details of her wedding – it's on September 17, by the way – Walker can be seen politely bidding farewell to the bride before the camera pans to her tiara-crowned friends.

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However, when Maria and her friends realise they're being filmed live for the BBC, the group start to chant the network's name before the bride-to-be says 'Oh, BBC. A lot of money', prompting the presenter to fall into a fit of giggles. 

Before the group leave the live filming, Maria is seen motioning to viewers to call her, much to Walker's shock who says, 'You're getting married!'

Clearly unfazed by Maria's appearance during his broadcast, Dan was later seen celebrating Maria's new-found fame on Twitter.

Now, that's how you do a hen do. 

Watch the two-part clip below

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