Is Game Of Thrones' Brandon Stark Competing In The Olympics?

Twitter has gone into meltdown after seeing a Game Of Thrones character in the​ Olympics


It's not every day you see your favourite television character competing in the Olympic Games.

So imagine the shock of Game Of Thrones fans when they saw the second-youngest member of House Stark, Brandon, jumping over the high jump in Rio earlier this week.

Well, sort of.

Yesterday, Australian athlete Brandon Starc qualified for the men's high jump finals with a leap of 2.29 metres, sparking a Twitter frenzy among GOT fans given his similar name to the series' character and the hashtag #HouseStarc. 


Fans were also quick to make light of the fact Brandon was jumping in the high jump – apt, seeing as his Game of Thrones 'twin' quite literally took a 'high jump' when he was pushed off a tower by Jaime Lannister and was temporarily paralysed in the series' first episode. 


Even the athlete's brother got in on the action:

Well, at least he didn't have to jump over The Wall. 

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