Beyoncé's Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Lemonade Prove Why She's Queen B Of Everything

​The 'Halo' singer has just released a photo album of BTS pictures and they're mesmerising


Not only has Queen B just dropped some fresh 'Lemonade' merchandise like the business ninja she is, but she's released a huge batch of behind-the-scenes photos from her Emmy-nominated film version of her visual album Lemonade

All in a day's work, ey Bey?

(Do you think she just walks around the house every morning in her lemon-print pyjamas singing 'Cause I slay, cause I slay, cause I slay'?)

The images show Beyoncé skipping in a typical Mardis Gras Indian dressage dress with yellow tulle and pink fur on the set of the singer's 'Hold Up' video, while another shows the blonde-haired beauty engaging in what looks like an ethereal tug-of-war contest (if such a thing even exists). 


Throughout the album, Beyoncé rocks a variety of hairstyles including floor-length braided plaits, teased curls and a blunt crop. 

If you needed another reason to love Beyonce (well, who doesn't?) this is it.

New screensaver anyone? 

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