We Want Someone To Look At us The Way Chris Pratt Looks At Denzel Washington

​The pair met on the set of the upcoming remake of The Magnificent Seven and it looks like they've been smitten ever since


Diana Krall once sang: 'The look of love is in your eyes. A look your smile can't disguise'

And from the look of Chris Pratt and Denezel Washing yesterday, there's so much love in their eyes we don't know quite where to look. 

At a press conference for their new film The Magnificent Seven at the Toronto International Film Festival, the pair were seen locking eyes, smiling and looking longingly at each other.


You'd almost forget that director Antoine Fuqua was there, given the pair's adorable glances at one another as they sat together during the panel. 

At one point, Chris joked that the cast took inspiration from other blockbuster hits to help them prepare for the new film to say: 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Frozen, Wayne's World 2. . . it's more poignant than the first one.'

As you can see, Den couldn't get enough of his pal's wisecracks. 

Stop it guys, you have us blushing.

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