Great British Bake Off Contestant Iain Watters Celebrates Wedding With Baked Alaska

GBBO 2014 contestant Iain Watters makes light out of #BinGate by having a baked Alaska wedding cake to celebrate his nuptials

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Iain Watters | ELLE UK

Forget that time Chrissie fatally bopped Dirty Den over the head with a doorstop in Eastenders

Or when we all found out who the real Gossip Girl was.

Or that scene from 'Red Wedding' in Game Of Thrones.

The most dramatic moment in television has got to be The Great British Bake Off's #BinGate.

Cast your mind back to 2014 and you'll remember the scandal involving contestant Diana Beard accidentally removing fellow baker Iain Watter's baked Alaska cake from the freezer, resulting in a pile of melted ice-cream. 

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If that wasn't shocking enough, Iain ended up chucking his cake in the bin (cue screams of shock from viewers), was booted out of the competition and resulted in 800 people complaining to Ofcom about the alleged sabotage of Iain's concoction by Diana. 

But, from the looks of it, Iain has finally been able to put the drama behind him as, over the weekend, Watters got married and guess what he chose for his wedding cake?

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A baked Alaska, of course.

GBBO's 2014 quarter-finalist Martha Collison shared a photo of the wittily themed wedding cake on Twitter with the caption: 'Is there a better wedding cake for @iain_watters?!'

No, Martha. There isn't anything better. 

On Friday, Iain married Catriona Mills and invited his fellow GBBO 2014 contestants Richard Burr, Chetna Makan, Kate Henry, Enwezor Nzegwu, Jordan Cox, Nancy Birtwhistle (no hard feelings then, Iain?) and Claire Goodwin to celebrate the occasion. 

And of course, it wouldn't be a Bake Off wedding without a 'cake corner' – with at least 14 bakes displayed at the festivities courtesy of his fellow contestants, ranging from a Biscoff-flavoured cake to a lemon meringue layer cake. 

Is it wrong that we want to enter the GBBO, just so we can get a 'cake corner' at our wedding? 

Save us a slice, Iain. 

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