What We Learned From Solange's Behind-The-Scenes Album Documentary

The singer offers a rare insight into the early days of musical experimentation and lyric ideas in her new documentary


Long before Beyoncé gifted us with her visual album Lemonade, her younger sister Solange was well on her way to creating her third studio album A Seat at the Table and documenting every step along the way.

Earlier this week, the singer released a short documentary A Seat at the Table, Beginning Stages which captures the arduous process of writing new music, late-night studio sessions and creating new beats to accompany her emotive lyrics.


Started in August 2013, the video captures the journey of the album from Long Island and New Orleans, where melodies, artistic collaborations lyrics came together.

During the clip, Solange is seen practicing her impressive piano skills barefoot, singing softly into a microphone in her house's makeshift studio and dreaming up lyrics sitting in bed and in a hammock.

Early versions of the singer's recent tunes 'Don't Touch My Hair' and 'Don't You Wait' are chronicled as well as collaborations with artists such as Sampha and Sean Nicholas Savage.


From snicker wrappers on the table and glasses of red wine to white board marker scribbles of lyrics, the video depicts the raw, organic process of making music – a far away from the modern decor and sterile environment often seen in music studios.

Solange's son Julez also makes an appearance several times during the film, dancing with musicians and learning the Macarena off his mother in the kitchen.

The 30 year-old star released a statement with the documentary that reads:

'While some of the jam sessions featured did not make the album, they helped to create and identify the sonic tone, and the early lyrics and concepts I wrote for the project.

'When I look back at the beginning stages, I remember the powerful energy that set the tone, and that I'm so grateful followed us everywhere during the creation of this record.'

Earlier this week, Solange shared two new videos for 'Don't Touch My Hair' and 'Cranes in the Sky', which were co-directed by Solange and her husband, music video director Alan Ferguson.

Watch A Seat at the Table, Beginning Stages in full below:

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