Scarlett Johansson Has a Hilarious And Strange New Job

Touting different flavours of popcorn in her new store Yummy Pop in Paris, because obviously


When you think about celebrity side jobs, there are all the more predictable forays into small business ownership - the lifestyle website, the clothing line for a big chain store and the lip kits.

Mostly, celebrity side-businesses fall into two categories. Either the star in question has an agenda to push - such as environmentalism (Leo Dicaprio) or women's rights in film (Reese Witherspoon), veganism (Moby) - or they just want an easy way to make a quick extra buck (all of the others).


So it came as something of a surprise to us to learn that Scarlett Johansson had opened a new gourmet popcorn restaurant in Paris.

Yummy Pop, which will reportedly sell popcorn flavours ranging from 'real Vermont cheddar' to 'truffle, parmesan and sage', opened its doors to the public this weekend, in the Parisian district of Marais.


And what is more, Scarlett herself was on hand to serve her (very, very long) line of waiting customers.

A spokesperson for the star explained that Scarlett and her French husband, Romain Dauriac, are truly passionate about popcorn and this has been a labour of love after a long series of discussions between the pair about bringing an artisanal, gourmet flourish to everyone's favourite cinema snack.

We wish we could give the popcorn a whirl, but alas, we're not crossing the channel any time soon.

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