Kristen Stewart Celebrates Women In Hollywood, But Looks Forward To A Time When Female First Events Are No Longer Required

The Twilight star used an award acceptance speech at the ELLE Women in Hollywood to proclaim her hopes for the future of female focused events


If there's one thing we know how to do at ELLE (other than champion women, throw a mean punch in an ELLE FIT boxing class and eat our way through Krispy Kreme doughnuts), it's how to have a party.

And that's exactly what ELLE did on Monday night to celebrate women in Hollywood with the annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.


One woman in particular that ELLE wanted to honor was our September Issue cover star, actress Kristen Stewart who received the Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk star's award, handed to her by childhood friend and former co-star, Dakota Fanning.

In her acceptance speech, Kristen took the opportunity to admit how excited she is for a day when events dedicated to women are no longer necessary.

'While I'm so glad to be here tonight with so many incredible people, I would be remiss if I didn't say how much I look forward to a time when there's not a need for a special night for women,' she said.

'When half of the population doesn't have an asterisk beside it, and everyone can be valued for their multitudes and not maligned or ghettoized or sidebarred, or any of that nonsense,' she added.

When the question, 'Hey, what's it like to be a woman in film? What's it like to be a female director? What's it like to be a woman in comedy?' are questions of the past. Unfortunately, as of yet, that's not the world we live in, so that said, I'm really grateful to f*cking be here.


Kristen has a point. After all, how many times have you seen women in Hollywood asked about the impact their gender has on their careers or first described by the gender when referring to their professional titles such as 'female comedians' or 'female producers'.

However, until women are recognised and treated as equal members of society – both within Hollywood and across all professions – unfortunately, events dedicated to women, questions related to gender and discussion of sexism in the workplace must continue in order to level the playing field and make equality common place.

Watch Kristen Stewart's acceptance speech below:

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