#BellyJelly: The Body Positive Trend We'll Put Our Running Shoes On For

A body-positive organisation is urging women to bare their #bellyjelly and embrace the power of their bodies


Whether you're a size 8 or size 18, every woman (and man) will be well-accustomed to the ritual of tucking their tops into their leggings at the gym before doing bicycle crunches, holding a towel against their tummy while shuffling towards the showers and placing a book in front of their stomach when someone snaps a picture of them on the sun loungers on holiday.

Why? Because, no matter what your size, everyone has insecurities about their bodies.


As a result, the Movemeant Foundation – a body-positive organisation which provides self-confidence building tools, resources and experiences to help women feel powerful in their skin – has launched a new video to show women how they can embrace their #BellyJelly – you know, the completely normal way your stomach jiggles when you move.

It's called the human body, people. We all have a bit of 'jelly', as Destiny's Child would say.



The #BellyJelly video sees a diverse range of women running, doing yoga, playing tennis, jumping in a pool, swinging kettle bells, dancing, playing football, all embracing their natural figures while getting fit.

If this isn't #fitinspo, we don't know what is.

Jenny Gaither, founder of the Movemeant Foundation says: 'There has never been a better time to shift the dialogue that women are having around their bodies.

Embracing our 'belly jelly' and celebrating that women are physically strong despite a little jiggle, is a powerful statement and, one we hope will inspire women and girls across the country.


So, if you're feeling a bit lethargic today, have reached for your sixth Quality Street (come on, it's basically Christmas, why not?) or just having a bit of an 'off' day, watch this video and boost your positivity because you, your body and all women are beautiful.

To help the Movemeant Foundation help young girls achieve body-positivity, you can donate here.

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