Susan Sarandon Is The Woman We All Want To Be In Justice's New Music Video

The Academy Award-winner is behind the wheel of a convertible once again in Justice's new music video and we're in awe


When she's not wearing flat shoes on the red carpet, unashamedly exposing her cleavage at the SAG Awards or admitting that smoking weed has done wonders for her career, it looks like Susan Sarandon is quite partial to the odd joyride in a convertible.

Of course, this news isn't entirely surprising following her iconic role as Louise in the 1991 Academy-Award winning film Thelma & Louise, but this time round, Sarandon has decided to sit behind the wheel – sunglasses and all – for Justice's brand new music video for their new single, Fire.


In the video – released earlier this week – the 70-year-old actress is seen shaking her red hair and donning a red bomber jacket before jumping into an open-top car with French EDM duo Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay.


She's later seen dancing poolside in a simple white T-shirt and stone-washed jeans, swinging her hips to the electro beats.

I mean, could she be any more great?

Director Pascal Teixera explained the reason behind Susan's role in the video to say:

'On a hot summer afternoon, Gaspard [Augé] and I were in Xavier [de Rosnay]'s kitchen, collectively daydreaming about washing a car. The year we like for car design, the make, where that could take place, how much soap, the mood, the sun, and there should be a woman to go cruising with, an iconic mix of cool, allure and strength. Susan Sarandon of course!'

If we look like this when we're 70-years-old, we'd want to dance all day, every day, too.

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