Kristen Stewart Rocks Out In New Rolling Stones Music Video

The Equals actress jumps in a car and shows off her dance moves for Rolling Stones' gritty take on a Fifties classic


Question: Does Kristen Stewart ever not work?

This year alone the 26-year-old actress has starred in four Hollywood blockbuster films – including Café Society and Personal Shopper – starred as the cover star of ELLE's ground-breaking September issue and received one of the ELLE's Women in Hollywood Awards.


And now, the Twilight actress has applied her stellar acting skills to a new project, none other than the new music video for The Rolling Stones' cover of Ride 'Em On Down.

Originally recorded by blues singer Eddie Taylor, Jagger and the gang have put their unique twist on the song, which see Stewart revving up the engine of a blue cadillac, speeding down the high way, dancing along to the rock beat and wearing a ripped white T-shirt and jeans.

In the first scene, the now-blonde-haired actress can be spotted picking up supplies from a liquor store before donning 70s-inspired shades, turning on the engine, licking a blue lollopop and smoking as she dances barefoot in a petrol station (many a 'no-no' right there).

The final scene sees Kristen speeding down what looks to be Los Angeles River – of Grease racing car scene fame – at sunset, slamming on the breaks to let a zebra pass (yup, we haven't a clue either) and swearing at the camera.

It's probably just another Friday in work for Kristen.

Watch the full video here:

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