Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield Kissed At The Golden Globes

*Unexpected-Kiss Cam*

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It's fair to say that we were mildly devastated when we heard the news that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had split a few months back.

It could have made tonight's Golden Globes, at which they are both nominated and in attendance, really awkward. But we really shouldn't have felt too sad for either of them. Why? Firstly, Emma is in La La Land with Ryan Gosling ('nuff said). And Andrew just got kissed by Ryan Reynolds. Repeat: HE JUST GOT KISSED BY RYAN REYNOLDS.


As Reynolds, who was sat between Garfield and wife Blake Lively at the ceremony, realised he had lost to Ryan Gosling in the 'Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture — Comedy or Musical' category, he seemingly grabbed Garfield's face and gave him a smacker. Why? *shrugs shoulders*.

Blake's reaction? ROFL.

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