#Saltbae - If You Don't Know, Now You Know

Take a look at the man cooking up a storm on the internet


Take heed, these images are verging on NSFW.

Let us introduce you to the male, Istanbul-based, almost X-rated version of Nigella.

His name is Nusret Gökçe and he has whipped us into a frenzy.

Nusret, or 'Salt Bae,' has taken sensual cooking to a whole new level with his erotic butchering.

Think erotic butchering is a bit niche?

Think again.

Ottoman steak 🔪

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This video includes his namesake move: the final, flamboyant salt sprinkling.

And Twitter loves it.


😂😂 #sprinklechef #saltbae

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But it isn't simply his sexual seasoning that is getting attention.

Alongside his ridiculous good looks.

Kart postal gibisin dediler

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It is also his masterful, albeit slightly unnecessary, technique that has made him a hit.

In the last video watch how he expertly fingers each steak slice, deftly avoiding the blade.

Masaj müzik Sevgi

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The slapping, the massaging, it all creates a forceful yet tender melange which makes you want to be the meat, as well as eating it.


Also, in case your ovaries are still intact.

Here's a photo of Salt Bae with his nine children

Ailesiyle vakit geçirmeyen adam gercek bir adam degildir🔪

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