Queen Elizabeth II Considering Adopting Late Gamekeeper's Dogs

The 90-year-old British monarch has been a dog walker for her friends' dogs for two years


When you hit the ripe age of 90, the last thing you expect to do is take on more responsibility.

Not, however, when you're the Queen.

Despite announcing her current pets would be her last in 2015, after almost 70 years of breeding and owning over 30 corgi dogs, the Queen is now reportedly considering taking on two more hounds to help out a late friend.


Last week, the Queen's former gamekeeper, Bill Fenwick, passed away leaving his own corgi and Bichon Frise.

Mr Fenwick began working for Her Royal Highness at Sandringham more than 30-years-ago and his wife, Nancy, soon took on the role of dog trainer and carer (commonly known as 'Keeper of the Corgis) for the Queen's dogs while the Royal Family were on oversea trips.

According to The Telegraph, Mrs Fenwick and the Queen were said to have formed a close bond over the years, with the Monarch even gifting the Fenwicks one of her bred corgis.

Following Nancy's death in 2015, the Queen took a role reversal and volunteered to act as a dog walker for Bill, walking his pups most Sundays after lunch in the park.

However, with the sudden death of Mr Fenwick, the Queen is now considering whether to expand her brood of three dogs – Willow, Vulcan and Candy – to accommodate the Fenwick's pair.

The Queen first found a passion for corgis after she received her first for her 18th birthday in 1944.

Since then she has been a keen corgi breeder and at one stage owned 13 dogs.

More the merrier, we say!

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