Justin Bieber Rides Solo At The Cinema Following Not-So-Subtle Dig At The Weeknd

The singer appears to be going through a tough time at the moment as he's just been spotted going to the cinema on his own and ordering everything on and off the menu.


When you hear your ex has moved on with someone else, the normal response involves a family-size box of Maltesers, a good cry into your pillow while playing Adele's 'Someone Like You' and a harmless Instagram stalk of their new squeeze while you carefully make sure not to press the 'like' button on their photo stream.


Of course, if you're Justin Bieber, the only was to console yourself is by slagging off The Weeknd (his ex Selena Gomez's reported new boyfriend), getting a buzzcut, going to the cinema on your own to watch a psychological thriller and ordering nachos – even if the cinema doesn't sell nachos.


Look, when the Biebs wants cheese-covered carby goodness, you deliver. Alright?

According to some amusing showbiz reports, the Canadian-born singer bought a ticket to an evening showing of James McAvoy's latest film, Split (about man called Kevin who has dissociative identity disorder with 23 distinct personalities) on Monday, at a local cinema in Westwood, California.

Er, a thriller doesn't exactly sound like the best film to watch for a 'pick-me up', Justin.

Three words: La La Land.


With his bodyguards waiting outside, Bieber reportedly ordered three Jack and Cokes, flatbread, croquettes and asked the chef (i.e. the guy behind the food counter) to whip up some nachos for him – despite the fact that the cinema doesn't sell nachos.

Don't worry Biebs, we like to eat our feelings too.

While Bieber's solo trip to the cinema might signal his devastation at Gomez's new romance, this isn't the first time the 22-year-old has shown off his love for film.


In 2011, the then 17-year-old heartthrob showed off major boyfriend skills to Selena Gomez when he rented out the Staples Centre – the 20,000-seat home of the Los Angeles Lakers – to watch Titanic.

Five years later, Bieber splashed the cash again when he rented out an entire cinema in New York for him and ten friends to watch The Secret Life of Pets.

Look, Bieber, if you need a date you only need to ask…

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