Watch What Happened When Hillary Clinton Sat In The Audience Of A Broadway Musical Performance

Earlier this week, Hillary and Bill Clinton sat down to watch a Broadway musical and what the audience did for her is too sweet.


Anyone sitting in the theatre waiting to watch Broadway's latest a capella musical this week might have been confused as to why the audience burst into a round of applause before the performance.

However, when the likes of Hillary Clinton is in the audience, it's kind of understandable.


On Wednesday, the former presidential nominee received a round of applause and chants from fellow theatre lovers as she sat down next to her husband, Bill, ahead of the Broadway musical performance of In Transit.

'We love you Hillary', cries one audience member as the everyone breaks out into applause for the former US Senator. A chant for 'Hillary' then echoes around the theatre as people take pictures of the politician.

However, this isn't the first time the Democratic nominee has caused a stir at the theatre.

Earlier this year, the 69-year-old attended the highly-acclaimed performance of The Colour Purple on Broadway, and received three rounds of applause as they walked into the theatre.

Since Donald Trump's victory in November, Clinton has been keeping a relatively low profile since her defeat, sporadically spotted walking her dogs with her husband and attending Trump's inauguration last month.

Applause on entrance to a room – sounds like the perfect response to the sight of Hillary Clinton, to us.

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