A Five-Year-Old Girl Has Become Our New Feminist Icon With This Comment About A Banana

A little girl from Channel 4's programme The Secret Life of Five Year Olds has just become our new feminist inspiration.

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If you haven't yet had the pleasure of watching Channel 4's The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds, you might want to reassess your priorities.

If you don't know, this is a show which uses cameras hidden at eye level of a group of schoolchildren to gain unique insight into the most fundamental peer group interactions that mould the youth's understanding of the world and relationships.

From the importance of sharing and the value of friendship, to the consequences of stealing a chocolate chip cookie and first loves, this programme is adorable, educational and blummin' hilarious.



But, in a recent episode of the hit show, we finally got a glimpse into the distinct way children view gender and equality in 2017.

In a clip from the episode, a five-year-old girl called Eva is seen responding to a producer's question about what is important for girls when they grow up with what is, hand's down, one of the best 'drop the mic' moments in Channel 4 and modern feminist history.

She responds: 'To go to work, vote, definitely.'

Eva is then seen refuting her classmate, Jude, who claims girls can't be scientists because the 'make silly potions'.

In response, Eva reveals she once 'extracted the DNA from a banana', stunning the room into silence.



Later in the programme, Eva drums her point home about gender equality to say: 'boys aren't better than girls. They're exactly the same' before repeating her statement – just in case we didn't hear her – to say: 'They're exactly the same.'

Following the episode, Channel 4 shared the clip of Eva on their Facebook page, describing the child as a 'feminist icon' and has since received over six million views and numerous comments on Twitter about her feminist ideals.


After the programme aired, Eva's father took to Twitter to thank his daughter's fans for their love and support.

He captioned a picture of his daughter standing next to a statue of two women in working uniforms: 'Her mum and I are incredibly proud of the person she is.'

Gloria Steinem, Simone de Beauvoir, Betty Friedman and now, Eva from The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds can be added to the list of our favourite feminist icons.

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