Swedish Politician Wants Swedes To Take 'Sex Breaks' And We Couldn't Think Of Anything Worse

A city councillor from Northern Sweden has proposed Swedes have a paid working hour to go home and have sex. First question: who could be bothered?

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When we're not looking to Sweden for its latest lifestyle trends such as 'Hygge', 'Lagom' or 'Fikka', we're longing for its Scandinavian work ethic.

After all, this is a place where Swedish full-time employees work the least in Europe, with only 1,685 hours on average in 2015, have boasted shared parental leave since 1974, resulting in the rise of 'latte pappas' – a tribe of fathers with prams and coffee mornings – and, earlier this year, successfully found that cutting nurses' daily working hours to just six hours resulted in reduced absence and improved patient care.


However, a new motion by a city councillor from the Swedish town of Övertorneå might just have proposed the most adventurous, innovative and, let's be honest, tiring method to improve employee satisfaction – 'sex breaks'.


According to the Independent, Per-Erik Muskos, at 42-year-old city councillor from the northern town was recently met by laughter by his local Consistory when he suggested working couples receive one-hour paid breaks from work so they can go home and have sex.

'I believe sex is a scarce commodity in many long-lasting relationships. Everyday life is stressful and there are children at home.

'This could be an opportunity to enjoy some privacy,' he says.

As well as providing stress-relief for employees, Muskos also claims his idea will help improve the country's declining birth rate and encourage employees to work harder.

He says: 'Since sex is a great way to exercise with positive effects on well-being, the town could encourage employees to enjoy some free time to go home and have sexual relations', according to the Express.


Now, the idea of having an excuse to go home, whip our kit off with a partner and engage in the 'horizontal tango' might sound like a dream but, in reality, can you imagine how much of a logistical nightmare it would be?

This could be an opportunity to enjoy some privacy.

Not only would you have yet another commuting nightmare added to your day (tinged with the awkward feeling you know your fellow passengers are all going home to have sex, too), but you'd constantly be watching the clock to make sure you didn't miss your 3pm meeting and, let's face it, be absolutely knackered by 5pm.


Despite his bold idea, Muskos was quick to point out the downside to his plan is the fact there's no way to prove employees won't use their 'lunchtime quickie' hour for other purposes such as a shopping trip or dog walk.

While we might laugh at Muskos' idea – after all, who wants that sweaty faced, post-coital 'glow' during an afternoon work presentation – for Swedes, at least, it sounds like it might be a necessary requirement to curb their declining sex drive.


A recent survey carried out by the newspaper Aftonbladet found that couples are now having 24 per cent less sex than they were in 1996.

Do us a favour Sweden, you try it out first and if it works. Besides, we're sure it won't be long before us Brits jump on the bonking bandwagon.

*Shudders at the thought*

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