The Daily Mail Has P*ssed Off The World (Again) With A Sexist Headline About Theresa May And Nicola Sturgeon

The national newspaper has published a picture of Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon with a misogynistic headline and, let's face it, it's wrong on so many levels.


Breaking news: Donald Trump has penned a headline for a British tabloid newspaper.

Well, he hasn't, but he might as well have. That's certainly the impression we got yesterday when we saw the misogynistic front cover of the Daily Mail, which reduced British Prime Minister Theresa May and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to nothing more than their legs.


Yesterday, the newspaper published a picture of the politicians following a meeting in Glasgow, during which they discussed the triggering of Article 50 and Sturgeon's wishes for a second referendum on Scottish independence, alongside the headline 'Nevermind Brexit, who won Legs-it!'

Now, while Sturgeon and May do, in fact, have two pairs of legs between them, we highly doubt the lower regions of their bodies was the focus of their tense conversation regarding the future of the UK.

*Conversation as imagined by the Daily Mail*

Theresa May: 'So, enough about Brexit, how are you legs these days, Nicki?'

Nicola Sturgeon: 'Oh yeah, screw politics. What the public really want to know about during this contentious time of doubt and worry regarding Brexit is about my glorious pins. If you must know, I gave them a good old shave this morning. After all, I can't have my voters thinking I, as a woman, don't shave.'

Er, hell no.

The eye-rollingly sexist and objectifying headline completely disregards their roles as leaders of the UK and perpetuates the #everdaysexism women around the world continue to battle against on a mission to shatter the glass ceiling and get themselves recognised as equal to men in the workplace and in wider society. So far so Daily Mail - although just because we expect it of them, doesn't mean we shouldn't pull them up on it, every single time.


It's also politically and grammatically incorrect.

Let's break it down:

'Nevermind Brexit'?

Are you kidding me?

Following Theresa May's Brexit speech in January, in which she said 'no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal', it was made clear the power players behind leaving Europe had no intention to stay in the EU's single market.

However, now European diplomats in the UK are claiming the British government is stepping away from the stoney-faced threat to leave the EU without a trade deal if negotiations go up sh*t creek without a paddle, with a general consensus it would cause 'havoc' between the EU and UK, according to the Guardian.


That's not to mention the fact the UK now has two years to negotiate its withdrawal from the EU which, let's face it, is going to be one long and arduous battle for anything remotely resembling the promises made from Brexiteers last year.

So, actually Daily Mail, we mind very much about Brexit thank you very much.

'Who won Legs-it!'

Now, while we are quite partial to the odd abbreviation in a Whatsapp message or sharing an emoji to express our emotions on Facebook, we like to think we're pretty clued up when it comes to grammar, and we'd expect the same from a national tabloid newspaper.

So, for heaven's sake, if you're going to write sexist drivel, at least punctuate it correctly.

Then, all we'd have to do is take down the nonsensical, moronic and chauvinistic rhetoric, rather than having to do that and teach reporters that a question merits a question mark. After all, our time is very precious, what with fighting the patriarchy on a daily basis.


Unfortunately, things got worse when we read Sarah Vine's column, which claimed Sturgeon's legs were 'altogether more flirty, tantalisingly crossed … a direct attempt at seduction' and another headline which read 'Finest weapons at their command? Those pins!'.

You'd be forgiven for thinking we had moved past this sort of nonsense after the paper got so much flack for their coverage of the cabinet reshuffle, which saw the newspaper resort to journalist Catherine Ostler's 'style verdict,' commenting on Employment Minister Esther McVey's 'turbo-charged hair' and Environment Secretary Liz Truss' 'patriotic' outfit.


Alas it seems, for the Daily Mail, the thought that a woman could be discussed in terms of their intelligence or political views, rather than her hemlines, physical figures and hair is as preposterous as its headlines.

Of course, it didn't take long before Twitter users had a field day, slamming the publication for its offensive headline:



Daily Mail, we think it's about time you 'leg it' out of the country for a while. We're getting tired of having to berate your relentless sexism.

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