Blake Lively Just Third Wheeled Ryan Reynolds' Man Date With Jake Gyllenhaal

The 29-year-old actress has just been spotted enjoying a date with her husband and his new best friend and, we guess our invite got lost in the post.


Whether it's watching a partner play a two-player game of FIFA with their brother or awkwardly laughing to a joke you don't quite understand between your other half and their BFF, spending time with your boyfriend/girlfriend and their best mate isn't always easy.

After all, you want to spend quality time with your partner, but also show you're laid back enough to hang out with their friends, drink beer in the pub, talk about the Premier League and play wingman to their BFF on a night out because, well, you're the 'cool girlfriend'.



So, it's a relief to see we're not the only ones who like to make an effort with our other half's BBFs, as we just spotted Blake Lively on a day out with her husband, Ryan Reynolds, and his male other half, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Yesterday, The Shallows actress was seen wrapped up in a coat, hooded jumper and leggings to face the cold New York temperatures during an outing with the famous male actors.

However, it sounds like the mother-of-two might have some competition in the kitchen when it comes to her husband's newfound romance with his Life co-star, as Reynolds recently appeared on Good Morning America to compliment his friend's cooking skills.

He said: 'My wife is very good at cooking, and Jake might just be a little bit better. He can throw down. It gets very competitive.'

'I think he's easily the most interesting actor working in Hollywood today. Definitely one of my favorites, and then at the same time, he's one of the kindest guys I've ever met. We're hanging out all the time. We live near each other. I live up in the 'burbs',' he added.


The pair's blossoming friendship has been a talking point of late after the duo have done a slew of interviews, joking, laughing and chatting about how much they, let's face it, are in love with each other.

Earlier this month, Gyllenhaal appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and discussed his on-set 'bromance', describing how it was difficult not to laugh when filming together.

He said: 'We wasted so much money. The producers took us in the corner and they were like, 'You guys need to cut it out, we're wasting so much money'. And we were like: 'We're starting a bromance, give us time!'.

Later, on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Donnie Darko actor even FaceTimed his new friend during the interview to just how legitimate their friendship is.

If you need to escape the house for a girl's night in, Blake, you know where we are.

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