The BrainTeaser That's Dividing The Office And Keeping Us Awake At Night

A parenting website has posted a brainteasing puzzle to keep mothers and babies occupied during sleepless nights at Easter and it's truly terrifying.

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It's funny to think in February 2015, the whole world was divided on one question regarding a lace-fringed bandeau dress: 'Is the dress White and gold or black and blue?'


The optical illusion, based on the evolution of the human eyes' ability to view colour, caused outage on social media and now there's another optical illusion brainteaser that's tormenting offices across the UK, and not in a good way.


According to parenting website ChannelMum, 85 per cent of mothers claim their child's sleeping patterns worsen the week before Easter, probably due to all that excitement of chocolate and the Easter bunny.

As a result, the website has published a puzzle with the aim to keep mothers and their children busy during sleepless nights in the lead up to Easter Weekend.

The game? Spot the sleeping baby among all the wide awake babies.

Now, is anyone else freaked out by the Chucky-like drawing of these babies.

The one in the pink bunny costume is enough to keep me awake late at night, let alone the brainteaser itself.

It's like the most annoying/addictive/creepiest version of 'Where's Wally?' ever.


Since the website posted the puzzle on its Twitter account yesterday, we've been stuck in a cartoon baby-staring trance for a good 24 hours now and are still struggling to find that blummin' sleeping tot.

Can you?

*Rocks self back and forth in the foetal position*


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