Pope Francis Opens Free Launderette For Homeless People In Rome And We Could Cry

The current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church has opened a launderette to 'restore dignity' to homeless people in Rome and we think it's a genius idea.


When you have to wear white robes on a daily basis, you can bet your top priority is making sure you have a packet of Daz washing powder on you at all times to ensure your wardrobe stays pearly white.

And, while this might not be the inspiration behind Pope Francis' latest charitable gift to society, we have a feeling it played a big part in his decision to open a free launderette for homeless people in Rome earlier this week.


According to the Independent, the 266th Pope has opened the Lavanderia di Papa Francesco – otherwise known as the 'Pope Francis Laundry' – which will provide free washing machines, detergent, tumble dryers and irons for homeless people living in the Italian capital.

Located in the Roman neighbourhood of Trastevere inside an old hospital now called the 'People of Peace Centre', the Vatican announced on Monday that the Catholic Church hopes the launderette will 'restore dignity' to people who are usually unable to pay for the services.

The announcement also revealed a barber shop and a medical centre will be added in the coming months, as will free clothes.

The Community Sant'Egidio, which is now in charge of running the cleaning service, has been running a drop-in centre in the old hospital for the last 10 years, and reportedly wanted to provide a free service to the 'poorest people, particularly those with no fixed abode, who will wash, dry and iron their clothes and blankets'.


The services have been made possible by home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool and consumer goods cooperation Procter and Gamble, which already offer free razors and shaving cream to a barber who cares for the homeless near St Peter's Square in the Vatican City.

However, this isn't the first time the Vatican has reached out to help the homeless, under the leadership of Pope Francis.

Earlier this year, the Vatican gave out sleeping bags to the homeless and provided official vehicles where homeless people could take turns sitting inside to warm up during the winter months.

In 2014, the Pope and several volunteers distributed 400 sleeping bags with built-in hoods for warmth, printed with the Vatican's coat of arms, to the homeless in Rome, according to The Times.

And, in 2015, the Church opened a hostel with showers, toilets and a barber shop for homeless people just outside the walls of the Vatican in Via Penitenzieri, inspired by St Pope John Paul II who opened a dormitory for homeless women 27 years earlier, as reported by The Tablet.

Now, this is the sort of news we like to hear.

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