Salt-Bae Just Voted In The Turkish Referendum In The Most Salt-Bae Way Ever

Meat connoisseur Salt-Bae just sprinkled a dash of magic on Turkish referendum vote and it's truly inspiring.

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On Sunday, approximately 55 million of Turkish residents and citizens living overseas voted in a referendum to dramatically change the ruling of the country, resulting in an overwhelming victory by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who will now stay in charge of the country for the next 12 years and scrap the role of prime minister.

However, amid criticism of Erdogan's new powers and months after a failed coup last July to overthrow the government, Turkey's most famous meme star graced the voting booth and decided to sprinkle a dash of 'Salt-Bae' magic to his voting slip.


Meat sushi#saltbae #saltlife #salt

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Over the weekend, Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe – otherwise known as 'Salt-Bae' – took to the polls to cast his vote, weeks after he took the internet by storm due to his unique way of sprinkling salt on his 'Ottoman steak'.


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With a bent arm, his iconic round sunglasses and a very low V-neck top, the meat connoisseur dropped his envelope into the ballot box and later posted a photograph to Instagram with the caption, 'the process is complete'.

İşlem tamam#saltbae #saltlife #salt

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We just hope he didn't sprinkle his vote with salt.

Can you imagine the mess?

Ottoman steak 🔪

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