Josephine Skriver Is So Over The Term 'Cheat Days' Because There's Nothing Wrong With Enjoying Food

The 24-year-old model is teaching us a thing or two about wellness


One look at Victoria's Secret model Josephine Skriver's Instagram account and it's not hard to understand why she became an angel for the lingerie brand last year.

The 5ft 11 catwalk star's account views like a millenial Pinterest board with photos of the world's most exotic locations, behind-the-scenes editorial shots, pearly white teeth, adorable romance with singer Alexander DeLeon, liberal views on LGBTQ rights (Skriver is the daughter of two sets of gay parents) and friendships with the world's highest-paid models.


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And while her looks may be put down to genes and good fortune, it's not all about the looks. This girl looks after herself.

In an interview with The Cut, the New York-based model reveals her family's ethos about diet and well-being have helped her implement a healthy eating regime as a world-class model and a love of eating.

'I always hate the word 'cheat meal', she says.

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'My grandma has always been like, 'If you enjoy it when you eat it's going to go to the right places. But the second you're guilty about it, you're going to see it places you don't want'. So now I call it a 'treat day' — I treat myself.


Of course, with a set of toned abs and muscular arms, Skriver isn't exactly eating pasta every day. 'Once in a while you gotta eat something good — everything from pizza to burgers. And I'm a huge fan of chocolate,' she admits.

Here's what else we learned from Josephine Skriver's view on food and exercise:

She sometimes has two breakfasts

I'm such a breakfast person. I sometimes like to have two breakfasts and no lunch. I could do brunch everyday. I love to start, especially after a big workout, with protein and a little bit of carbs.


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On the go, for breakfast, sometimes it's nice to have oatmeal packs. I love eggs and veggies in the morning but sometimes it's yogurt and granola.

Weights transformed her exercise regime

I've always been active. I've been a super sporty girl as long as I can remember. But, it's been a long process to figure out what works for me. What worked was lifting weights. It did wonders for my body, I really notice how it has changed the shape.

I used to do way more cardio. But it was really fun discovering weights. You can really see the benefits of, Oh I can now lift this much, and it's empowering. I've gotten to the point where I can squat my own body weight and I'm like, Damn yes! You feel so strong, especially as a girl you're like, You can't tell me I can't do this.


When I did my first two pull-ups in a row, that was a great moment for me. My legs have always been strong, but my arms aren't. I used to play soccer and everything was leg-based growing up. So I've never been able to do a pull-up or a push-up when I was younger. So when I did two pull-ups on a bar and could lift my head above it, I was like, Okay, now I belong in a gym. I remember pulling myself up and thinking, Oh no, I'm actually doing this I'm actually moving. Before it was just an impossible task.

Wellness isn't just about looking good

Wellness is the mind more than anything, and feeling good on every level — mentally and physically. It's not just about being healthy and working out, but it's really a 360 thing. I've always thought my body was something you get one shot at so I better treat it well.

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I'm much more conscious about taking care of my skin and it's part of my job to be in good shape and look the best that I can at all times. I've always thought, my body is part of my job and I better have the best product. I need to show up and be the best that I can be for the customer or the client. If you just eat junk, it's awesome and it makes you happy, but you don't have enough energy to handle an 18- or 20-hour day or four red-eyes in a week. The body is amazing, but you also need to treat it right.

How to conquer jet lag

The second my trip starts I am working in that time zone, so my body gets engaged and I'm not having dinner during their breakfast. The first thing I do in the morning is work out and that tends to really help and force my body to wake up.

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She gets 'hangry' too

I need to have small snacks, like anything that's dry that you can carry on a plane — nut bars, protein bars, or instant-oatmeal packets. I try to have some fruit in my bag. I tend to get super 'hangry' if I don't. I'm like a Snicker's commercial. I need to have something — if it goes too long I get 'hangry'.

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Even models find drinking enough water hard

I had a period where I was drinking way too much coffee, tea, or soda, but my trainer said, 'You have to stay hydrated, it's good for your skin, it's good for sleep.' Getting through those eight waters a day is a struggle but now it's a habit. I'm constantly thirsty now.

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