Kata Mara Reveals Jamie Bell Has Taken Over As Wedding Planner For The Pair's Upcoming Nuptials

The 34-year-old has spilt the beans on her up-coming wedding to Jamie Bell and it sounds like he knows more about what's going on than she does.


Having once squealed very loudly at the sight of Kate Mara and Jamie Bell walking past me in a London restaurant last year while in the queue with my boyfriend and his parents, it's safe to say I'm a huge fan of the actor and actress' romance.

It's Billy Eliot and House of Cards' Zoe Barnes, for crying out loud. What's not to love?


And while the pair only announced their engagement in January after two years of dating, having first found love on the set of The Fantastic Four reboot, it sounds like the duo can't wait to get the wedding planning underway.

Well, Jamie is at least.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon this week, the 34-year-old actress admitted she's not exactly into the whole wedding planning thing.

'I don't love planning. I like planning in my life in general, but wedding planning, I'm just not that interested. Like, 'what kind of spoon do you want on the table?', she told the host.

However, while deliberating over tablecloths, salmon starters and party favours might not be Mara's thing, fortunately she has her 31-year-old fiancé on hand to help.

'I'm just so uninterested, but Jamie is very interested. Like I will say 'I don't care,' and he will immediately give a response of exactly the colour, the shape. He's the bride, yeah,' she added.

Oh, and we thought we couldn't love him any more.

The actress also admitted her British beau even became a fan of her favourite football team the NY Giants (which her family own, by the way), for her.

'He learned all about the Giants for me, how sweet is that?' she gushed.

'When we first started dating he watched an entire season of the Giants. He went on ebay and wore all the shirts. I have a giant collection of vintage Giants shirts thanks to him, not my family,' she added.

Very cute.

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