Harry Styles Finally Speaks In New 'Dunkirk' Trailer And It's Shaking Fans To Their Very Core

The 23-year-old is giving people goosebumps with his chilling one-liner in the new Dunkirk trailer.


Forget Wimbledon, Pimms in the gardner, and the odd run around the park, because this summer it's all about Christopher Nolan's World War II film, Dunkirk.

With a cast including Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance, and trailers that highlight the sheer horror, torment and fear of war, we're counting down the days until we can buy an obnoxiously-sized tub of popcorn and settle our bums into a cinema seat to watch the intense summer blockbuster.


Alright. Fine. You've got us. One of the big reasons we want to see the film is to find out whether Harry Styles has any acting talent.

Don't get us wrong, we're sure the 23-year-old can hold himself well on-screen, especially given the fact Nolan mysteriously described him as having 'it' (whatever that means), but we're not quite sure we'll be able to watch the Cheshire-born singer-turned-actor without wanting to sing 'Just stop your crying it's a sign of the time' at the screen*.

*Cinemagoers, we apologise in advance if this occurs.

Fortunately, the makers of Dunkirk have granted us a sneak-peek into Styles' skills on screen with a new trailer that – wait for it – shows him speaking.

Amid the bombs, the drowning, the plane crash and gunshots, Harry says to his co-star: 'Somebody's got to get off this so the rest of us can live', while looking very worried and wet in a sinking boat.


Now, while some may take this to mean Styles' character is a selfish arse willing to leave his friends so he can live, others are commending the star for his sheer brilliance at delivering an oh-so deep and meaningful line.


Another trailer shows Styles in the water with boats closing in on him, suggesting that he does, in fact, get out of that sinking ship, much to One Direction fans' joy.

However, we won't know his fate for at least another two weeks.

Let the countdown commence.

Dunkirk is out 21 July

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