Here's What To Expect From 'Wonder Woman 2'

The rumour mill is currently going into overdrive with suggestions that Chris Pine's character is coming back and Wonder Woman 2 might be set in the 1980s.


Having just surpassed fellow superhero film Deadpool with a record-breaking box office gross, and Ryan Reynolds writing a hilarious post yesterday in honour of the '#BoxOfficeBoss', we wouldn't blame actress Gal Gadot and the film's director Patty Jenkins for enjoying a well-earned break and revelling in their new-found glory.

However, it appears plans are already in motion with regards to the storyline for Wonder Woman 2.


According to Screen Rant and TheWrap, the DC superhero sequel will take place in the midst of the Cold War, with Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) fighting the Soviet Union.

Given the fact the first film was set during World War I, this would suggest the second film is jumping almost 70 years into the future to the 1980s, and would support Jenkins' recent clue that the sequel will be set in more 'contemporary' times.

Screen Rant also claim they've heard Gadot's co-star Chris Pine might return as his character Steve Trevor for the sequel, which is a wee bit surprising given what happened to him in the recent film.

If you are yet to watch Wonder Woman, let's just say him and Gadot don't exactly 'live happily ever after'.

However, perhaps Pine's appearance in the next film will be a memory? Or, maybe he's actually immortal like Wonder Woman?


Anyway, who cares – we just want to see Pine and Gadot on screen again.

Other than this, not much is know about the superhero film's sequel.

Although we have a feeling Jenkins will want another bat at directing the epic action-packed film (she's not yet confirmed as the sequel's director but is reported to be working with writer Geoff Johns to develop the script), and we'd be surprised if Gadot doesn't return as Wonder Woman (although with a far superior wage than what she received for the first film).

Hurry up guys, we need Wonder Woman film back in our lives ASAP.

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