When (Prince) Harry Met Harry (Styles)

The Prince met the pop star and actor at the premier of Dunkirk


Question: Name a hotter image than Harry Styles?

Answer: The vision of Prince Harry meeting Harry Styles.

Yes, all your Prince of England and 'Prince of our Hearts' dreams have come true when the two Harrys met this week.

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A few days ago, at the Dunkirk premiere in London, 32 year-old Prince Harry arrived to show his support.

Prince Harry at the Dunkirk Premiere

Dunkirk sees 23 year-old Harry finally reveal his acting chops to the world as a British soldier named Alex who was part of the historic Dunkirk evacuation that saw Allied soldiers escape from a French beach after being surrounded by the German Army in 1940.

The film is directed by Chris Nolan and has already garnered some impressive reviews.

Though, whilst the red carpet saw the likes of acting legends like Kenneth Branagh and all-round fitties like Tom Hardy make an appearance, it was obviously the two Harrys that stole the show.

It was a, quite frankly, beautiful moment when Style's emerald peepers locked onto the Prince's own azure eyes and they shook hands and had a natter.

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It's actually a wonder there weren't more casualties in the near vicinity from fainting, ovary explosion and general hysteria.

The pair appeared to have a winning conversation, Harry junior cracked quite the grin in the Royal's presence.

Alongside supporting the British film, the Prince was also present with representatives from Contact, a military mental health charity group.

The gentlemen spoke to a veteran of World War II, because they are as socially minded as they are gorgeous.

Thankfully, the internet was on hand to overreact accordingly to this exciting union.

Hey, we're all mature level-headed women over here who will not degrade ourselves by objectifying men...

Harry Styles at the Dunkirk Premiere

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