Someone Call The Lindo Wing Because Kate Middleton Is Already Thinking About Baby Number Three

The Duchess of Cambridge has joked she will 'have to have more babies' with Prince William and it's an idea we fully support


What could be cuter than Prince George and Princess Charlotte?

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and a third royal baby to coo at, that's what.

Yesterday, the Duchess of Cambridge joked she and her husband, Prince William, should have another baby, after being gifted a present designed for newborns.


Arriving in Warsaw with her family ahead of the royal's state visit to Poland, the mother-of-two was offered a cuddly toy designed for newborns, during an event for start-up tech companies, reports the Telegraph.

Giving her thanks for the gift, the 35-year-old reportedly turned to the Duke of Cambridge and joked: 'We will just have to have more babies'.

Julia Sielicka-Jastrzebska, who founded the toy company Wisbear with her sister, shed light on the joke made by the Duchess.

'We gave the Duchess some presents for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. She said they should have more babies, and they laughed,' she explained.

Among the presents presented to the family, a bear was given to each child, and a T-shirt for the Duchess with the slogan 'I'm perfect', which is party of the company's campaign to encourage mothers not to feel pressured by society to be the perfect parents, months after she opened up about the isolation of becoming a first-time mum.

Kate's funny quip came hours after a shy Prince George looked adorable disembarking his private airplane with his family after being given what looked to be a gentle telling off by his patient father.

Baby number three? Yes please Kate and Will.

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