Men Reveal Which 'Female' Traits They Think Are Really Annoying And We DGAF

A Reddit thread has revealed exactly what men hate about women


Last week, we welled up after reading a Reddit thread where thousands of people from around the world posted their endearing honest outpourings about the realities of getting older.

However, a recent thread titled 'Guys, what do girls do that they think is "being cute", but in reality is the furthest thing from it?' is now making us want to hit a wall or, at least, kick a bin. Like, really damn hard.


In just six days, the post has received over 14,000 comments with men responding with a plethora of answers and they're as predictable as you could imagine.

A lot of the men said they were most annoyed about their girlfriends stealing their clothes, with one commenting: 'Dude you've got like 12 of my shirts, are you building a nest?'

Another complained that he hates it when girls are 'really really loud'.


Others had beef with girls acting stupid on purpose to appear 'cute and funny' and using baby voices.


However, one female Reddit commenter revealed she was told by her father on numerous occasions as a child that 'no one would like a girl who appears to be witty and clever'.

'Basically he believes that no matter how intelligent a woman is, she needs to act dumb and innocent to get the opposite sex to like her,' she explained.

Fortunately, one guy replied to tell the woman that her dad 'sucks'.

Other men revealed their biggest pet peeves are when their partners ate their food, while one created a hypothetical situation of him trying to ask his girlfriend where she'd like to go have dinner, to no avail.

Look, no woman is perfect, but neither is any bloke.

Here's a thought, men of Reddit, instead of moaning about women's annoying traits in an online forum with other men, how about you open up a better line of communication where you can discuss your pet peeves with your partner? Oh and learn how to better champion women's intelligence in the work place and throughout society so they don't feel insecure or ashamed to voice their opinions, ideas and authority?

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