Let Britney Spears Mesmerise You Once More As She Works Out To Her Own Music

The singer enjoys her 'mummy time' so much she makes amazing montage videos out of it.


When you manage to nab thirty minutes of precious alone time, what do you enjoy doing? Do you hunker-down on some hardcore TV watching? Cherish cooking a meal from scratch? Or do you savour a good workout for your body and mind?

Well, it looks like Britney Spears is in the latter camp. The singer works out daily to keep her stamina, strength and flexibility up for her Vegas residency, whilst giving herself some space from her two sons.


Now, sometimes, despite knowing that our hearts pumping is good for us in lots of ways, plenty of us still need an extra bump of motivation.

And, as we all a know, a handy way to get those endorphins flying is to listen to some bad-ass women.

Last time 35 year-old Spears treated us to an amazing work-out montage (complete with flips and hand stands) she teamed it with Eve's 'Tambourine'.

This time, Britney took workout inspiration from, well, herself.

She posted a video working out outside with the caption, 'Beautiful day for an outdoor workout!!!'

Beautiful day for an outdoor workout!!! 🎀

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Her song 'Hot As Ice' played as the background track because she is all the workout inspiration she needs.

Staying focused👙🦋🌺🎀

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Heck, with that bod she might be the only workout inspiration any of us need.

The only thing is, can we have more catwalk videos please Britney?

The workouts are fabulous and all, but, this is truly what we came for:

Friday night fun... thanks for the little black dress @pninatornai 💖

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