Ryan Gosling Lattes Will Be Your Go-To Morning Caffeine Fix This Autumn

You can now order the actor's face on top of your coffee cup in the morning and we're game.


Have you ever wanted to know what Ryan Gosling tasted like?

Of course.

Sadly, we'll never know. The only thing we can offer you Gosling in coffee form, which probably tastes somewhere near the real man, right?

Los Angeles caffeine hub the Carrera Cafe is now serving Ryan Gosling lattes, served with a cocoa dusting of the The Notebook actor's face as well as some of his meme-inspired quotes.


In April, the cafe posted a photo of one of their 'Gosling Lattes' to Instagram, urging their followers to get their 'ripple on'.

The photo also included one of the Golden Globe-winning star's famous 'hey girl' quotes that read: 'Hey girl, I love it when you wear yoga pants all day.'

Come and get your Ripple on! Try our newest ripple with Ryan Gosling 💋

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The 'Gosling effect' works by using the cafe's Ripple Maker which transforms an image and prints it on the foam layer of a latte or tea.

The cafe has branched out from the father-of-two's face and now includes inspiring quotes, photographs of babies (weird but, sure), the New York skyline, Kim Kardashian's crying face, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, lips, and Louis Vuitton print.

We couldn't agree more! ✌🏼

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Travel the world one latte at a time. 🌍

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His and Hers! 💕

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Afternoon ritual. ☕️

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Sunday morning nom nom makes us oh so happy! ☕️🍩

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E! Online reports customers can also use their own pictures and ask the cafe to print their images on their coffees using the Coffee Ripples app.

Our caffeine obsession just reached new highs.

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