Selena Gomez's Instagram Dopplegänger Is Also An Actress And We're Freaking Out

We just found Selena Gomez's Instagram twin and have fallen into a deep, dark hole of fangirling.


You know that moment when you're at a bar on a night out and have to do a double take across the dance floor on the off chance you've just spotted your ex/boss/one night stand, only to realise it was a false alarm?

Well, that's the sort of experience we just had after trawling through Instagram and coming across what can only be described as Selena Gomez's official dopplegänger.

Seriously, this is some kind of Parent Trap sh*t over here.


Gomez's twin is Agatha Moreira, who is already a star in her own right, working as a actress and model in Brazil. She has starred in numerous, successful telenovelas in her home country such as Em Família and Verdades Secretas.

Oddly enough, Moreira and Gomez are both 25-years-old and have South American family heritage; Moreira was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil while Gomez' father is of Mexican descent.

Tudo o que li me irrita quando ouço Rita Lee.

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Sincronicidade ♻️ Foto: @brunnorangel Pousada: @capimestrela Status: sóamor

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The pair have also both revealed a love for the Spice Girls; Moreira recently posted a picture of her cosying up to 'Sporty Spice' Mel C, while Gomez regularly wears clothes from 'Posh Spice' Victoria Beckham's fashion line.


When it comes to Instagram followers, both women are trumping many of their acting counterparts with Moreira boasting an impressive 2.4million and her singing/acting lookalike accruing an impressive 128 million.

😎 Foto @elvisnm Beleza @lucasvieirabr Styling @julianoezuel #2doproductions

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With her dark brown hair, flawless complexion and dark eyes, it's not hard to see why people are mistaking the actress for the 'Fetish' singer, who herself is trying to forge a career in acting.

The Weeknd's girlfriend is currently filming in New York for Woody Allen's latest untitled film, alongside Timothy Chalet and Elle Fanning.

Who else is praying for a Selena Gomez and Agatha Moreira twin-inspired film right now?

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