A Journalist Is Releasing Thousands Of Sexual Assault Allegations On Twitter

Yashar Ali is anonymously posting direct messages sent to him


From Fox News to Harvey Weinstein, Yashar Ali is the journalist breaking all kinds of news these day. His Twitter is ablaze with breaking stories and insider tidbits, so perhaps it's unsurprising that he's also become the voice of many assault victims.

Amongst Hollywood revelations and subsequent accusations against Brett Ratner, Kevin Spacey and more, Ali has been a rallying cry for change. Consistently using his 210k strong following to call out people in positions of power.


On Friday, the journalist received a direct message detailed a terrible assault. He shared it anonymously:

The Tweet in and of itself is a powerful message, showing how, for every high-profile assault, there is another still in the shadows.


The message sparked another message, which Ali shared, and then another.

And another, until, over two threads he shared over 80 messages.

Each detailed a tragic, personal story that evidenced the true prevalence of assault and the real weight of these attacks on their victims.

The threads have become viral, are being reposted with many applauding the revelations.

Yashar announced that he has now received thousands of messages and aims to post them all over time.

These kinds of messages are useful in exhibiting the true prevalence of abuse, but are also a powerful way for survivors to find strength together.

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