Daisy Ridley Lip-Reads Every Star Wars Line Jimmy Fallon Throws At Her

The actress has a hidden talent


Judging by our recent video, where we got our December cover star Daisy Ridley to build a lego millennium falcon, it looks like the 25 year-old Star Wars actress can do pretty much anything.

Her infectious smile and gung-ho attitude makes most things seem fun - we'd probably even watch a video of her brushing her teeth, to be honest, let alone wielding a lightsaber, in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


We also would pay to see her working behind the bar, like she apparently did at the wrap party for the latest Star Wars film. That's right. Ridley revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that, whilst in a pub in Ireland, the queue was too long so she popped behind the bar herself and started pouring drinks.

She explained that before she was cast in the franchise, she had worked in a bar from the age of 19, proving that as well as her many other talents, she can pull a mean pint.

She also can lip-read insanely well. In Fallon's efforts to make a fool out of all his guests, he placed Princess Leia-inspired, noise-cancelling headphones playing really loud music on Ridley's ears and mouthed various Star Wars lines.

As well as being totally adorable, Ridley is also a fantastic lip-reader, thank goodness.

More videos of Daisy doing literally anything please. Thank you.

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