Saoirse Ronan Explains Why Her Mum Was Furious At George Clooney At Her First Oscars

The 23-year-old has opened up about the time her mother nearly had a 'fight' with George Clooney.


On Sunday 4 March, Saoirse Ronan - our new Hollywood obsession du jour following her outstanding performance in Lady Bird - will attend her third Oscars, which is making her feel rather nostalgic about her very first ceremony back in 2008.

The actress was nominated for her first Oscar aged just 13 - after starring in 2007's Atonement - and revealed during a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that her standout memory from the awards show was her mother getting into an altercation with George Clooney on the red carpet.


Opening up about her first Academy Awards ceremony, the Irish actress said: 'All I remember from the night, out of the whole experience, was me doing an interview and being in the foreground of this camera shot going on, "Oh, it's so great to be here!".

However, it was her mother's run-in with Clooney that proved the most drama-filled moment.

'My mum was in the background and had this dress with a long train and George Clooney stood on the train and he didn't realise it.'

Despite her mother's attempts to get the 56-year-old new Dad off her train, she failed rather miserably.

'My mum had never been on the red carpet before and she's in the background like, "Excuse me! George! Excuse me!" And keeps tapping him on the shoulder and he won't turn around,' added Ronan.

'And then she gets more and more aggressive and he still won't turn around. He eventually moved out of the way. She came up to me after and was like, "You'll never believe what just happened to me. You'll never believe what George Clooney did to me."

To be fair, we think we'd be pretty fuming at Clooney if he'd stood on our dress, too.

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