Here's Jennifer Lawrence And Salma Hayek Pinault Having A Moment At The Oscars

Probably the best DMC (Deep Meaningful Convo) we've ever seen?


If anyone was going to enjoy herself tonight's Oscars, it was always going to be Jennifer Lawrence. Everyone's oh-so relatable gal pal looked stunning in a metallic silver Dior dress and beach curled hair, but it was the glass of wine that truly completed the look.

Seriously, she's having a lot of fun. Here she is before sitting down to watch the awards:


Next up she had a quick chat with fellow actress Meryl Streep:

And here she is with Salma Hayek in what appears to be a deep, extremely meaningful conversation.

What are they talking about? The state of Hollywood? The merits of a deep dish pizza? Their dresses? We have no idea, but whatever the topic Hayek then feels the need to reach out and touch JLaw's hand - a move which many a protective BFF will recognise from late night huddles.


It's like every drunk girl chat we've ever had in the toilet - only much, much classier.

In a season where much of the red carpet appearances have had an all-black dress code in honor of the Time's Up and #MeToo movements, Hayek didn't skimp on the bling when dressing for the Oscars this evening. The actress looks equally amazing in a beaded lilac Gucci gown.

Of course, as with all tipsy DMCs, it ended with a hug.

Sure, JLaw might look a little odd in those pics, but she's got a reason. The actress recently said in an interview she likes a tipple or two before big events like, say, premieres of her new film Red Sparrow or, y'know, the Oscars.

Could we love these two anymore? No, we could not.

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