The Crazy Fitness Trends To Expect In 2017

​ELLE's Fitness Editor Bangs on what you'll be doing to get your sweat on


The past couple of years have seen such a boom in fitness that's it's pretty impossible to find an excuse not to be active these days. 

Whatever kind of workout you're after, you can find it somewhere. 

As more and more people have discovered the benefits of a sweat-drenched life, the fitness industry has scrambled to create new, exciting ways to keep people interested and give us as many options as possible. 


America has always paved the way in the active lifestyle market. 

We've seen the rise of bootcamps, hybrid classes, boutique studios and so much more. 

But what crazy fitness trends can we expect to make their way over from the US of A in 2017? 


Back to Basics

As fitness pros aim to keep up with increased demand, there's been a rise in classes that seem quite gimmicky. 

Let's do seven different workout styles all at once! In a club! With strobe lighting! Now let's do it all underwater! 

2017 is going to see a return to the simplistic fundamentals. 

Functional fitness that improves your overall movement and has proven results will rise to the top. 

Studios like Tone House NYC in New York are leading the way with their team-oriented conditioning workouts (favoured by American football players in their off season). 

There's been a rise in classes that seem quite gimmicky. Let's do seven different workout styles all at once!

TRX classes are also on the rise - it's one piece of equipment and provides a low impact, cardio and strength session. 


No need for all the bells and whistles. 

Simplicity is the key. 

Get Your Groove On

Dust off your mother's old Jane Fonda VHS tapes, grab your leg warmers and a leotard, for aerobics is making a triumphant return! 

Are you ready for your Jane Fonda workout?

Dance and aerobic style classes are definitely going to be making a big resurgence. 

I worked out with celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser a couple of weeks ago in New York and her workout combined a dance-style cardio routine with strength/toning in a fun 'keep fit' type of way. 

Fresh takes on step aerobics have been packing out classes in US gyms too. 

Straight up dance classes will also be moving to the forefront, with sessions that teach you to dance like your fave starlets being front and centre. 

Banana Skirt Productions runs great classes in New York and Scene on Screen are paving the way on this side of the pond. 

You get to groove to your favourite tunes, get in shape and be able to throw down on any dance floor - total win by any standard. 


Get Outside

While the popularity of bootcamps is declining Stateside, TV shows like American Ninja Warrior are seeing obstacle courses make a major comeback.

So if you're sick of everyone in your office talking about the Tough Mudder they're doing this weekend, expect more of it. 

There'll be more options open to you if you're the outdoorsy type. 


Outdoor gyms (pull up bars, stationary bikes etc) in local parks have been on the rise.

More and more gyms now offer Parkour classes to get their clients outside and one park in Brooklyn even offers Double Dutch classes, if you love skipping. 

The thing that binds them all together is that return to fun, challenging yet simplistic workouts. 

More and more gyms now offer Parkour classes to get their clients outside

Tech it Up

The wearable technology trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere and studios are picking up on people's desire for quantified workouts with metrics. 

At Orange Theory Fitness, you wear a heart monitor and can watch your stats live on a big screen while you workout. 

Spin studio Peloton in New York lets you monitor your stats on your bike console, while competing against other class participants to make it to the top of the leader board. 

The fitness boom isn't going anywhere, clearly, but while we've had our fun with the fads, it would seem people want to get back to fun, simple workouts that combine cardio and strength and aren't so extreme that you'll injure yourself. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go find my leg warmers…

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