6 Times Barack Obama Made You Want to Dance With Somebody

Who knew the POTUS has so many moves?


After causing all kinds of Internet pandemonium when he joined Twitter several months ago, President Obama has nearly broken the Internet once again. This time by dancing his way through a state dinner during an official visit to Kenya.

A video of him tearing it up to Lipala, which is reportedly Kenya’s version of Gangnam Style, rightfully went viral. And it's making us remember all of the other times the 44th President of the United States has shown us his moves. 


We rounded up his musical highlights, for your viewing pleasure:

Dancing in Kenya, 2015


Dancing in Tanzania, 2013

Dancing in India for Diwali, 2010

Dancing to Beyonce at his Inaugural Ball, 2009

Dancing to Beyonce again on Ellen, 2007

And on that note.. anything he can do, she can do better (2015)

Words by: Olivia Blair

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