Blake Lively Lives Out Her Dream Of Becoming One With Italian Food

...but it gets a little messy


Blake Lively had one goal: to "finally become Italian food." Well, mission accomplished. 


The actress, currently in Barcelona, Spain to shoot scenes for her upcoming movie, All I See Is You, took a break from filming to take part in a saucy celebration—and we mean that in the literal sense.

During a festive event (where one is presumably meant to stomp tomatoes for fun), Lively went full throttle not paying one mind to the possibility of damaging her newly-dyed bronde hair, as the self-proclaimed foodie ended up lying down in the middle of the mush. 


Luckily for us, she documented all the action in a series of Instagrams inclusive of her always-unique hashtags. 

Here, a three-step display of the 27-year-old achieving her dream:

1. First, a bit of fear.

Before.... #YesDummyHasHerPhoneInHerPocket

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2. Then, a lot of fun.

3. And finally, she becomes one!

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