Kylie Jenner Has The Weirdest Picture In Her Living Room

Quite the collectors item...

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Imagine if you were 18 years old and had a $2.7 million mansion to fill. Obviously that concept takes some imagining seeing as most of us can barely afford rent, but you know, visualise.

This is the situation Kylie Jenner found herself in recently when she purchased her new $2.7 million mansion in Calabasas, and instead of filling it with Ikea art and Athena posters, she's chosen to furnish it with some slightly more personal items.

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The sofa 'cloud'

In the latest video offering for her official app, Kylie gives us a tour of her humble abode, and along with talking us through her sofa, which is 'like a cloud,' she also shows off the meaningful family photos on display. These include a picture of her grandmother Esther, her sisters and Tyga’s mug shot from his arrest three years ago...

She doesn’t elaborate as to why she has a visual reminder of Tyga’s misdemeanor on show, but it’s there, and it’s prominent. Maybe we'll get more of an understanding in the next app installment.

Pictures YouTube/ Kylie Jenner

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