J.K. Rowling Reveals Her Favourite Harry Potter Chapter

It made her (and us) bawl


J.K. Rowling, a Goddess Amongst Muggles, revealed her favorite chapter in all of theHarry Potter books, and it's probably one of yours, too. (Because, you know, you have excellent taste and could probably be best friends with Rowling IRL.)

Answering a fan's question on Twitter, Rowling opened up about how chapter 34 from Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows is her favorite:



To which another fan replied that the chapter made her bawl:


And Rowling said, hey. Don't stress. It made me bawl, too. 


If you need to a refresher, that chapter is from the seventh and final installment of the Harry Potterseries, and it's an intense one. ​Harry, believing he must end his own life to take down Voldemort,  enters the forest to confront He Who Must Not Be Named (But Here's a Hint: He Has a Hideous Snake Face and Is a Bad, Bad Wizard). He also sees his family using the golden snitch. Tears. 

Ahhh! Just typing that sent shivers down my spine. ​It's not hard to see why it was an emotional one for Rowling, and for many of us. 

Please excuse me while I quickly go read all seven books again. 


By Laura Beck

From Cosmopolitan

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