Leonardo DiCaprio: Survived The Revenant, Defeated By London Weather

Should have brought some Kleenex

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Leonardo DiCaprio has survived many things: A failed parachute opening, a shark attack and starring in The Man in the Iron Mask.

He also kept his ticker going whilst making The Revenant, a cinematic behemoth which has fondly been retitled ‘Living Hell’ by the cast and crew. But one thing Leo can’t deal with? London weather.

Sub zero living in the Canadian wilderness is one thing, but Leicester Square on a Thursday night in January? Nightmare.

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His coat doesn't look lined.

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Good luck searching for whatever with numb hands, Leo.

The stance of a man who can't handle his cold.


The worst.

Should have worn a scarf.

'Mate, London is F-ing freezing.'

'Shutup about your runny nose, Leo.'