Brooklyn Beckham Flipping Pancakes With David Is Rather Adorable

David Beckham teaching Brooklyn how to flip and spin is so sweet


Here's us thinking our pancacke day was fun.

A few friends round, a good stack, some lemon-sugar and maple syrup topping options - nailed it.

Trust Instagram to make us feel suddenly inadequate.

David Beckham has posted a super cute video of Brooklyn learning not just to toss his creations skywards, but to spin on the spot before catching them in the pan.


And, of course, smiling to camera after he lands one.


Completely adorable, as usual.

How not to flip a pancake staring my son ❤️

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And if that wasn't enough, there's also a video of David Beckham super casually showing his family how it's done, in slo-mo.

Happy pancake day kids ... Daddy showing the way it's done... I love lemon and sugar ... @gordongram

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