The 29 Ways To Know You Are A Good Friend

Good friends: takes one to know one

How great a Best Friend are you?


1. You suggest going to a gallery/funfair/gig/course at The School of Life/boxing class rather than a drink

2. But you know there are some times only a drink will do

3. You’re purposely the first to arrive anywhere

4. You bring wine and flowers to dinner

5. You never remind them they owe you £1.50 for that coffee you bought them

6. You phone once a week at least


7. You remember the day someone close to them died and let them know you’re thinking of them

8. You know when to let them gloat

9. …and when to tell them they’re being a ****

10. You know when to let them cry

11. ….and when to tell them it’s time to stop crying

12. You always ask ‘how are you’ and mean it before talking about yourself

13. You like all their Instagram photos

14. You make an extra effort to be charming around their partner or kids


15. There’s one word or phrase you can say that will make them instantly crack up laughing

16. The only time you cancel a date is if you are genuinely bedbound

17. You compliment their hair

18. You know the answer to ‘do I look tired?’ is always no

19. You have a song

20. You have a dance routine

21. You’ve kissed them on the lips at least once

22. You’ve held their hair while they’ve been sick

23. You’ve seen them naked

24. If you see their ex you tell them they looked out of shape/tired/unhappy

25. You don’t mind if they show up to your house unannounced

26. You know where they want to be in five years time

27. You’ve seen pictures of them as a baby

28. You know the names and most annoying characteristics of their work colleagues

29. You’re friends with their mum on facebook

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