The Ultimate ELLE Easter Egg Guide

We sampled all Easter eggs on offer, so you didn't have to...


Easter is just around the corner, so now is the time to purchase that egg.

But what kind of egg do you want? Do you like a great sickly caramel one stuffed with truffles to share with your friends? Do you want a medium-sized milk-chocolate one plain enough to eat solo in one go? Or are you looking for an egg you can bash open to find a tiny chocolate robot in the centre?

We sorted through the best eggs to find one for every fancy, and got very happy in the process.


1. Crème de la Cream Eggs, Fortnum and Mason, £16.95

If you're after a luxury product, this might be the one for you.  It's made up of four eggs, hand-painted and all nestled together in a little blue box. Two are milk-chocolate and the other two are dark; we particularly enjoyed eating the dark ones which are filled with a 'Bucks fizz' fondant. 

Value for ££: A not-ridiculous price for a high-quality product.


Festivity: Champagne in an egg!

2. Assorted Truffle Egg 200g, Fortnum and Mason, £37.50

Perfect for those who don't have a favourite type of chocolate as one half of this egg is milk chocolate and the other half is dark. Both halves are delicious, and the dark one is particularly cocoa-y. It also comces generously filled with truffles and in a tasteful, art-deco style box.

Value for ££: £40 for an egg! Reeling.

Festivity: The truffle 'eggs' within an egg is a nice reminder of rebirth.

3. Creme Egg Giant Easter Egg, Cadbury, £9.99

This is a timeless classic of an egg. Pros: huge and comes accompanied by 5 mini creme eggs. Cons: the chocolate is quick to melt and turn bendy, so not ideal for smashing, or if you want to savour your egg over several days. 

Value for ££: Perfect for anyone with 3+ kids.

Festivity: It's not doing anything new.

4. Milk Chocolate Egg Shell made with Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury, £4.00

Like with the Cadbury giant egg, the chocolate is quick to get a bit smushy, possibly because it's so thin. A safe option, though.

Value for ££: Outrageously cheap and still a fair size.

Festivity: Ideal for those who don't want to push the boat out.

5. The Classic Ostrich Egg, Hotel Chocolat, £75.00

...But for those who do want to push the boat out, this absolute monster of an egg is here to fulfill all your Easter dreams. Half of the egg is chocolate mixed with puffed, crispy rice - this was pronounced, by some of the team, as 'too crispy'. There is, however, another whole half of egg which doesn't have any rice in at all, but caramelized praline flakes instead. Crispy in a subtler way.


Value for ££: With great eggs comes great prices. We're not sure we wouldn't rather spend the money on a flight to Berlin.

Festivity: Amazing, despite an absence of ostriches at the resurrection.

6.  Rocky Road Extra Thick Easter Egg, Hotel Chocolat, £27.00

Lots of us found the chocolate in this egg to be slightly too thick and, again, it's got the puffed rice thing going on. I'm a fan, but not for those after a straightforward chocolate fix. 

Value for ££: A whole mass of chocolate at the third of the price of its ostrich sister, but still not a cheap eat.

Festivity: Celebratory and extravagant.

7. Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, Lina Stores, £14.00

A simple, elegant egg, appreciated by those who wanted to eat good quality chocolate with no added bits of caramel/glitter/fluff. It does, however, come wrapped in a beautiful cloth, and contains a little charm at the centre, a bit like an egg cracker.

Value for ££: Good value for the quality of the chocolate.

Festivity: The cloth felt festive.

8. Organic Dark Chocolate Button Egg, Montezuma's, £9.99

If you don't fancy a charm with your chocolate, this egg comes with buttons instead, which we thought were a cute touch. Most important of all though, it's vegan! Taste-wise, not a favourite with the team, but an appropriate Easter treat if you are, y'know, vegan.

Value for ££: Under a tenner, can't go wrong.

Festivity: Strangely charmed by the buttons.

9. Red Card Egg – Red Velvet Truffles, Prestat, £7.25

Now this was an absolute favourite of one team-member who said, over and over again, how much she loved it. It is cute. Small and quaint, apparently the maker decorated his dining table with printed card eggs, and this is the inspiration behind the pretty wrapping. 

Value for ££: The red truffles are beautifully creamy and have a tart, fruity dusting.

Festivity: The packaging has a home-made, Sunday school effect.

10. Milk Chocolate Robot Studded Egg, Chococo, £9.95

If you like robots or silver dusting, this is the egg for you, but more probably it's the egg for your son. The milk chocolate is thick and creamy and the robot is a nice surprise waiting for you in the hollow of the egg. Fun to smash open.

Value for ££: Good ratio of chocolate to dollar.

Festivity: Not brilliant if you're not into robots.

11. The Cat, Pierre Marcolini, £31.00

An oval egg that smiles and has litle ears on top of it! It feels, all at once, novel, friendly and grown-up, and the dark chocolate is rich enough for the egg to last you several days.

Value for ££: It's pretty big and, as a cat-egg, one of a kind. 

Festivity: The ultimate Easter centre piece.

12. The Queen, Pierre Marcolini, £68.00

This whimsical creation is essentially a large chocolate cone (the queen's body) topped with a sphere (her head) and a little red crown. It's very impressive to look at if not recognisably human. The chocolate is of a good thickness and the little eggs that sit at her feet are dense, delicious nuggets. Our favourite was the milk hazelnut praline.

Value for ££: The biggest version comes in at £105.00. While this smaller version is still expensive. 

Festivity: It won't be like any Easter creation you've ever seen before.

13. Dark Chocolate Egg, La Maison du Chocolat, £40.95

The best dark chocolate egg of the bunch, and has a satisfying 'crack' to it. Difficult to order from a UK site but can be found in store at Selfridges. 

Value for ££: Worth it if high-quality chocolate is important to you.

Festivity: Pretty yellow packaging feels spring-y and would make a lovely gift for someone.

14. Eggs Ganache Coffret, La Maison du Chocolat, £55.00

My personal favourite. This egg shaped box contains 36 ganache-filled eggs. You've got your dark chocolate ganaches, you've got your milk chocolate ganaches. Ganache-wise, you are sorted. They're delicious, rich and have good sharing potential.

Value for ££: Expensive but we would be thrilled if someone bought this for us.

Festivity: Decadent but its simple white box gives it a minimalist feel.

15. Artisan Blonde Chocolate Egg, The Chocolate Society, 230g, £29.99

A white chocolate egg with inexplicable hand-cut holes in it. 

Value for ££: It wouldn't look out of place at a gallery but it was voted a bit sickly. 

Festivity: Great if you want to impress your friends with some kind of egg-scupture.

16. Artisan Milk Chocolate Egg, 200g, The Chocolate Society, £39.99

Again, the Chocolate Society provides an artsy Easter option, this time in the form of an egg decorated with yellow discs. It makes for a pretty pattern, and the chocolate itself is of a high-quality and not too sweet.

Value for ££: Despite being tasty, it doesn't quite merit its price tag.

Festivity: The yellow is a subtle gesture to spring and the decorated shell does look good.

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