Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' Is Now on iTunes

Praise Be to Yoncé

Great news for anyone still holding out on pulling the Tidal trigger: Beyoncé's visual album/masterpiece/mindboggler Lemonade is now on iTunes and Amazon. All 12 songs are available for 99p apiece, or you can get the whole album for £13.99―which is the only way to get the "Lemonade Film" and digital booklet.

#LEMONADE The Visual Album Is available now on iTunes, Amazon and TIDAL.

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As The New York Times notes, Beyoncé likely put the album on iTunes after just a 24-hour window of streaming it exclusively on Tidal in an effort to reach more fans, since Tidal only has three million subscribers. 

Which means even if you're not a Tidal-er, you can now officially spend your entire day listening to Lemonade on repeat, asking yourself whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatHOW?

This article was written by Sally Holmes and originally appeared on ELLE.COM.

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