Isadora Cerullo's Girlfriend Proposed To Her At The Rio Olympics And She Said Yes #SPREADJOY

​ Love won, even though her team didn't.


We challenge you not to get teary reading this.

Isadora Cerullo is a Brazilian Rugby player who took part in the first ever Olympic Rugby sevens.

After she graciously lost her game, her girlfriend of two years, Majorie Enya, who was working at the stadium, took to the microphone to propose.


Cue tears.

Their friends and teammates were equipped with balloon hearts for the romantic proposal.

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Cerullo thankfully (can you imagine?) said yes and Enya sealed the deal with a gold ribbon around her new fiance's ring finger.

Enya later said of he proposal: 'The Olympic Games can look like closure but, for me, it's starting a new life with someone,' added Enya. 'I wanted to show people that love wins.'

If you're not crying by now, you clearly have a heart of stone.

Brazil legalised same-sex marriages back in 2003, whilst the winners of the Gold medal for the Rugby tournament, Ausralia, have still failed to do so.

This win seems better than a medal to us. 

O.K. one more photo...

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