5 Ways The Moon From Last Night Is Going To Change Your Life

Prepare for a huge energy shift


Last night you may have noticed the moon was looking rather splendid, this is due to it being an Aries supermoon. *Googles Aries supermoon*.

It means the moon was at it's closest possible point to Earth, causing it to appear much bigger and 30 per cent brighter.

Whilst this is all fascinating stuff, what we really want to know is whether this new lunar phase is going to change our lives. And apparently it will.

Aries supermoon

Astrologically speaking, the supermoon occurred when the moon was in Aries meaning a very enthusiastic, active and outgoing type of energy. We can get on board with this. All of those fiery and adventurous feels that are associated with an Aries will be brought to the fore, and if you utilise these cosmic bursts of energy in a positive way then big changes are coming your way.

Aries supermoon
  1. It's an opportunity to move up in your career: new opportunities are coming your way that might not have been able to present themselves until now.
  2. It's the perfect time to act: the moon's shift brings about a fire in people, so quit the procrastination and get it done.
  3. It's a time to heal: whether these be physical or mental wounds, harness some of this energy into repairing yourself.
  4. Break free from bad relationships: time to get rid of anyone holding you down or holding you back. A Facebook cull won't do.
  5. Keep your ego in check: Aries can make you very cocky and a little bit self-important. Make sure you have one friend who will shut that down the second your boots get a bit roomy.
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